A History of Window Cleaning

Both windows and glass have been around for thousands of years. The idea of glass windows isn’t exactly new either, but it wasn’t until the 1800’s that glass windows could be mass produced. Still, even with the mass production of glass windows, one question did remain: how do you clean them?

Back then, window cleaning meant three things: a housewife, a tub of soapy water and a sponge. Although this was an easy enough task to do in houses, it became a massive safety risk when skyscrapers began popping up. In the 1930’s, an Italian immigrant was able to solve this problem with the invention of the Squeegee. Essentially, the squeegee was just a long rod with a thin metal blade-like contraption at the end to reach windows that were higher up.

The squeegee worked for awhile, but buildings continued to get taller and taller. Even today, window cleaners use a variety of techniques in order to be safe. A popular option is the platform that is lowered down from the roof in order to get windows several stories up in which employees also wear safety harnesses.

Other companies have instead boycotted window cleaning companies altogether and opted for self-cleaning windows. (This works using rays from the sun to take dirt off the exterior.) However, these are expensive and in buildings with hundreds of windows, it’s hardly affordable. Similar to the squeegee, pole systems are modern devices, too. They use water to reach high windows on buildings and wash off dirt.

Window cleaning, as a job, still continues to be hazardous, but different companies utilize different techniques in order to create safer working environments for employees. Techniques have changed over the years as the size of buildings has increased–from a ladder and a soapy sponge to self-cleaning windows–and as time goes on, they will continue to evolve.

Window cleaning.

Window cleaning is a piece of work that many people hate to be associated with. This is because you have to handle dirt that has mounted itself on the windows, the dirty water that will be dripping, and irritating splashes. There are many ways that you can follow when cleaning your windows. You can either decide to employ a professional or do it yourself.

==clean the stubborn stains==The outside sides of the window are mostly exposed to stubborn stains as they are uncovered, and thus dust, rain water runoff and other elements are threats to the windows. In case of such, use a sponge cleaner and clean the stains on the window. Later apply spray to the affected areas.

==remove stickers and decals==Mostly children love to put stickers on the windows for decoration. Having such a case makes it difficult for you to remove the stains. You are therefore supposed to apply spray from downwards, then use a towel to wipe away the water.

==remove and clean the screens==When handling the inside and outside windows, you should clean the screens whenever you are cleaning the windows. Take a piece of a clean cloth, pass it through a mix of warm water and dish soap. You should ensure that the screens have aired dry before replacing them.

==rinse away dirt and grime the windows==Try using a hose to rinse away the top most layer of the dirt. In case there is no hose pipe a piece of soft cloth can do.

==dust inside the windows==Ensure that you reach all the windows and their inside frames. This helps you to minimize dust spread when you are cleaning.

==wipe the windows dry==After cleaning every window, make sure that you wipe it dry and wipe the excess water available. This helps curb streaks on the window

But if the worst comes to the worst, then you could always hire some professional window cleaners in Kingston to do the job for you.

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